Carpet Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning | Chestertown MD

First Impression

Whether you have a commercial building, working in a dentist office or hotel, we are here at Chem-Dry on the Shore can clean it all. If you look in an office you will see that there are dirty pathways on the floor. Dirt from outside gets tracked in and is pushed into the carpet, making these high traffic areas very ugle and your customers will notice. Look no further, because we are here to help remove those traffic areas of all their dirt. People look at their feet often when they walk, so be sure that your floors are clean to make that great impression!
If you are interested in a long-term cleaning schedule or a one time cleaning we can help you. Carpets that are cleaned more often on a regular basis are easier to maintain and customers will notice the difference.

Quick Dry Times

We also know how important it is to have your employees back to work quickly. No need to worry! Our dry times are a couple of hours, because we use a lot less water than the other steam cleaners. Our carbonated solution allows us to use a fraction of the water than other steam cleaners in Chestertown MD use. We take pride in the fact that you will not be waiting for 1-2 days for your carpets and upholstery to dry, just a few hours. This means that everyone is back to work and carpets are dry for customers that you may have.

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