BEWARE: Bamboozlers and Rip Off’s

I sent this out a couple weeks ago. It is even more important now than ever. 

Before you think this is going to be an email making fun of the Covid-19 virus, it is not. I will not try to sell you anything in this email.

I have a VITAL warning for you.

DO NOT BE SUCKERED, BAMBOOZLED or otherwise be taken advantage of disreputable cleaners trying to make a quick buck over the corona virus pandemic.

Yes, there are charlatans out there insisting you need a professional  to come in and clean your home or office to rid it of the potential of the virus. At vastly inflated prices.

These rapscallions are playing off of the fear perpetrated by social media and disreputable media outlets. 

These scoundrels and shysters will try to trick you into paying for a service you may not need.

A quick check online produced these results:

Please use common sense:

  1. Wash your hands frequently
  2. Use sanitizer (if you can still find it in the store!)
  3. Try not to touch your face
  4. Touch an ATM? Sanitize
  5. Handle Money? Sanitize
  6. Grocery cart? Sanitize

In your home:

  1. Maintain a regular cleaning routine
  2. Wipe surfaces, door knobs, toilet handles frequently if you have a busy household 


  1. Please call my office to discuss protocols you should be implementing to keep you employees and clients safe.

I have received a few emails instructing how to “market” your cleaning service to “take advantage” of the pandemic.

I will not be partaking in that marketing.

If you need a cleaning, we are here for you with our regular services at our standard pricing. We will not price gouge. 

Let’s hope this passes with minimal effect on our lives.

Owner, Chem-Dry On The Shore

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