Rug Pads for Sale from Chem-Dry on the Shore

Chem-Dry on the Shore offers high quality, rug pads.  Our rug pads prevents slipping & buckling, greatly reduces fiber wear & devaluation, and acts as a “shock absorber", protects the foundation of the rugs when they are under furniture and Helps flat-woven rugs and needle points to remain flatter on the floor. Our rug pads are also unappealing to wool eating bugs. We offer a range of rug pads designed to fit every application. Eco materials protect your indoor environment and your floor.

This is the top of the line. The Eco Green Supreme rug pad has the technology to prevent spills and animal urine from penetrating onto your floor. It provide great support for the rug and will help keep the rug in place with its' "no-move-grip-technology". This rug pad just "feels" great under your feet.

This is perfect for a room with furniture and high traffic. Obviously, it is also the desired pad for homes with pets.

This pad is GUARANTEED to last the life of your rug.

New Eco Value is a Green Label Certified Environmentally Safe Product and the only “GO GREEN” felt pad on the market

Pad Benefits:

  • Green Label Plus Certified
  • Washable
  • Sustainable Eco Friendly – 100% Recycled – 100% Recyclable
  • No Odors or Off gassing
  • Non-Toxic & Non-Allergenic
  • Will not stain, discolor or mar flooring

Call us at 410-822-6100 to order a rug pad or ask your technician to show you our sample rug pads.

New Technology provides a pet urine barrier. This protective barrier will keep most spills & pet urine from soaking through the pad and ruin your hardwood flooring.Did you know that many rug pad companies use clay as a binder to keep the rug together? This clay deteriorates over time and can severely damage your floor. Our rug pads DO NOT use clay.
Latex, PVC and other backings can deteriorate rapidly. Damaging your floors by staining, marring or discoloring your hardwood or tile.
We only supply Green Label Certified Environmentally Safe products. Our rug pads are made from 100% recycled materials and are 100% recyclable, cutting down on landfill use. There are no "rubber" odors and the pad will not "off gas".


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