The COVID-19 Family Survival Guide

We are in week 6 of the hibernation order and we still have all the same family members alive and well in the house. (No one has killed each other!!)

Actually, the kids have been great. Though I am worried about my High School senior. We still do not have word on what graduation will look like this year.. Such a rite of passage that may be missed forever.

Gina, my wife, is working more than ever before. The school system got her an assistant to help with the work load, but she quit after 3 days, saying it was too much work. The assistant was a school employee from another department. She said she would much rather sit at home and collect her salary WITHOUT working!

Good grief! 

Speaking of “Good grief!”, here are a few things that you should NOT be doing right now:

  • Do not snort bleach vapor thinking it will kill a virus inside you. The bleach will just dye your nose and lip hairs. Who needs another morning ritual?
  • Do not gargle with any sanitizers or disinfectants. If you want that fresh “Pine-Sol” scent, suck on a lemon.
  • Do not place a light bulb in your nether regions to kill a virus. It would be like making a “beer-in-the-rear” chicken. Just with out the beer and without the chicken. No need to cook yourself from the inside out.
  • Do not bring your unmasked 1 year old twins to the hardware store! Yep, a set of parents (wearing masks) were standing next to me to buy paint this weekend. Their twins had no face coverings.

Yes, it has been an interesting week.

An update on my employees; Stephen, Ike and Camden.

I have been able to pay the guys and keep them whole since the beginning of this mess. But the allure of making a bundle of money just sitting at home (collecting unemployment) is very real. I can’t really blame them, though. They need to live.

Even with the PPP loan we got, I can’t pay the guys as well as the Federal Gummit. Who thought of this??


I hope that you and your family are safe. And stay that way.

Best regards,

Vance “Your Carpet Cleaner” Morris
Chem-Dry On The Shore
(410) 221-0097

P.S. We are still open. Give us a call if you need something (410) 221-0097. We are still offering a free roll of toilet paper with every job!  We won’t stay long and we will leave the place cleaner and healthier than we found it.

BEWARE: Bamboozlers and Rip Off’s

Survive being stuck at home with a bunch of family members during this social distancing thing.

Things to do while social distancing
Disney has also started to deliver free programs for kids and parents.
As you may know, Disney Imagineers are responsible for creating many of the fun adventures you experience when visiting any of the theme parks.
Now kids can become mini-Imagineers while they are at home during the COVID-19 pandemic. The free online program is in partnership with Khan Academy and Pixar and can be accessed on the Khan Academy website.
The program includes topics such as theme park design and engineering, combining videos, case studies, and interactive activities.

Update on the music video contest.
I have extended the submission date to next Wednesday 04.01.20. A few people want the weekend to get the video done. Don’t forget to do yours!

Here are some other resources to keep those kiddo’s entertained and edumacated.

1) Animal Games
Site address:
What it does: Helps them learn about animals by watching, listening and playing games.

2) Nat Geo for Kids
Site address:
What it does: Kids learn about geography and fascinating animals.

3) Into the Book
Site address:
What it does:  Through playing games, kids can practice reading strategies.

4) Suessville
Site address:
What it does:  Allows kids to hang out with Dr. Seuss and his friends, all while playing games and reading.

Site address:
What it does:  Allows kids to practice math and reading skills.

6) Fun Brain
What it does:  Helps kid practice math and reading while playing games.

7) PBS Kids
Site address:
What it does:  Kids can learn while hanging out with their favorite PBS characters.

8) Star Fall
Site address:
What it does:  Students can practice their phonics skills with read-along stories.

9) Storyline online
Site address:
What it does:  Movie stars read their favorite stories to kids.

10) Highlights Kids
Site address:
What it does:  Allows kids to read, play games, learn random facts and do activities such as crafts and recipes.

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